Watch Out: This Rainbow Flag Emoji Text Will Cause Some iPhones And iPads Crashing

Jan 23, 2017 09:46 PM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

An iPhone and iPad can be destroyed when receiving a string of emoji. A combination of three emoticons that attacks the Apple devices was first discovered by a YouTuber under the Everything Apple Pro channel. It is said to freeze and crash particular models of iOS devices.

This usually happens and appears in a scenario where one will send a message to a target containing a white flag, zero (0) and a rainbow emoji. Once the message is received by the target, the device that the target uses will instantly go freeze and reboot in a couple of minutes.

Apple's emoji glitch is considered as a version of the bug that was discovered earlier by a French researcher. This is said to affect devices that are running Apple's iOS from 10.0 to 10.1.1. The Youtube channel Everything Apple Pro was also able to come up with an explanation which is believed to be the activity happening inside the device in a video.

This second scenario is targeting Apple's iOS 10.0 to 10.2.1. As users copy and paste the three characters several times in a contact card and send it to the target through iCloud's feature of sharing, the receiver's device will crash even though the target has not opened the file manually.

Users can prevent these crashes from occurring again several times by deleting the entire string of messages. Numbers of users were reported that was experiencing the state where their iPhones are lock up several times without being able to remove the malicious string while were reported to have sent new messages or have created one with Apple's Siri.

Last November 2016, the Youtuber was also able to share videos that show users can crash Apple devices in another way by using a video link or bypassing the protection of passcode with the use of Siri. The California-based company is also expected to release remedies for the bugs to be fixed.


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