Norton Core Router Secures Home Internet Connection

Jan 23, 2017 10:16 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

The well-known maker of Norton AntiVirus Symantec projecting into new hardware with the release of the Norton Core. A uniquely designed mobile-enabled Wi-fi router that will change the way people secure their Internet connection at home.

The Norton Core router comes with connected devices such as thermostats, smart televisions, gaming consoles and IP cameras and protected by an exceptional security against viruses, malware, and suspicious activity. Supported with an 802.11 AC Wave-2 Wi-Fi powered by 1.7 GHz dual-core processor. It comes with a memory and a flash storage that ensures optimal performance for the internet connection and security settings.

In order to give a strong wireless coverage, the router comes with a distinct antenna array inside a geodesic dome of interlocking faces which inspired by defense and weather radars installed in the globe. It comes with a unique mathematical design that encourages users to put it in the open as part of home decoration and helping them in providing a strong and uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal.

The consumers can control their connected home security with the help of Norton's Core Security Score. The core router secures every network packet incoming and outgoing across the home network by scanning viruses, malware, intrusions, spam, and a lot more. If the connected device detects with susceptible or harmful threats, the router immediately quarantines the device to a separate network and send an alert to the user.

Their home network directly manages and safeguards their mobile devices in just a single tap and the security score displays on the home screen showing the number of threats blocked and the devices now connected to the home network. With the use of the app, they can adjust the Wi-Fi settings remotely and block any suspicious behavior.

Moreover, Norton's Core router extends its protection of the customers to their home network. They boost the Wi-Fi speed performance and easy to use access for the children together with its intuitive mobile app.


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