Maserati Salesman Killed In Crash After Filming Self On Facebook

Jan 21, 2017 06:40 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

A 24-year-old man named Brandon Gianopoulos who is working in a Denver Maserati dealership was found dead in a luxurious car after hitting an icy pond near C-470 and Lucent Boulevard. On a Friday night, around 7:25 p.m. the victim posted a video using facebook live on his social media account showing him driving the high-priced car running and accelerating from 2 until it reaches 111 mph in a span of 20 seconds and then the video ends.

The disfigured Maserati was later spotted around 10 a.m. Saturday by a passerby. But there was no clear statement on when the accident occurred. It has not been confirmed too if the video had a role in the crash that unfortunately claimed the life of Gionapoulos.

The Italian vehicle manufacturer is known for its luxurious, sports and style cast in exclusive cars. Their mission is to build ultra-luxury performance cars with enduring Italian style with accommodating interiors and an effortless signature sounding power. Maserati is placing a production cap over 75,000 vehicles around the world.

Meanwhile, in a statement from a sheriff's bureau, Gionapoulos had an access to the cars as part of his duties confirming that the car was not stolen. On the other hand, a statement from a principal dealer Mike Ward says that "Brandon was a smashing immature male who will be deeply missed by his family and by his co-workers." He also added that they were saddened by the tragedy and sends out their condolences and heartfelt prayers to Gionapoulos family and all who knew and have desired the young man.

 The corresponding authorities later released a statement confirming that there were no other car or citizens were involved in the unfortunate event. Gionapoulos was the only person in the car when it happened and the investigation is still ongoing.


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