Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Scare Apple Upon Its Release; Could Be Samsung's First 4K Phone?

Jan 21, 2017 09:28 AM EST | Paul Urban

Several news and reports have been coming up with rumors linking Samsung and its production of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Though Samsung offers limited news on its release, some information may actually be considered by the Korean-tech giant.

It is easy to understand why many people are so interested in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Its predecessor is one of the, if not the world's biggest mobile technology fiasco following its mass recall of Note 7s released. It is now common knowledge that the reason for such is its defective and highly combustible battery. Even commercial flights prohibit carrying the Note 7 inside the cabin.

While it is the most unfortunate ever to happen to any manufacturer, Samsung, backed by the undefeatable Korean spirit has since then bounced back. The Samsung S7 has been impressive with its impeccable camera and other features to boot.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the most awaited as it the direct descendant of the demised Note 7. Samsung fans and those who are not are simply curious to see what its like and what technologies and advancements are to be used.

According to Trusted Reviews, the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be enough to scare of Apple. Apple is arguably the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, however, its iPhone sales have significantly been on the decline recently.


Not only will the Note 8 be packed with features enough to give Apple a run for their money, Samsung may even time the Note 8's release on iPhone 8 launch which is its 10th anniversary iPhone offering. If this happens, then this battle may be comparable to a Frazier-Ali's most talked about fight dubbed as "Thrilla in Manila" back in the 1970s. This should be the battle of a lifetime in mobile technology history and many will most likely want to take the front seat as it unfolds.

As added by PC Advisor UK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be insanely slim for most likely coming in less than 8mm. This is expected to be the slimmest phone Samsung may ever come up with. it is also expected to come with more improved Harman/Kardon speakers making it a class of its own as it gets released and if indeed this comes to fruition. Reports also speculate that it comes with a 4K display, definitely edging out Apple.

Official word on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has yet to be made official by Samsung officials. However, some of the rumors coming out are founded and may actually be seen come official launch. Everyone else is then on their toes waiting for official announcements. For all its worth, the lack of official news leaving everyone guessing may be one of Samsung's ways to gain more attention to the much-awaited product.

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