Tesla Driver Stranded In The Desert After Smartphone App Failure

Jan 19, 2017 04:30 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

Just recently, a man named Ryan Negri who was driving a Tesla vehicle was stranded near Las Vegas in Red Rock Canyon. Everything happened after the vehicle's keyless controlling app stopped from working.

Negri, the owner of the car was in excitement as he was to try the Tesla car's feature that enables the user to power and unlock the car with the only use of their smartphone. Before heading into the streets and starts his journey around the canyon, Negri decided to leave his keys in his place and was positive not to worry any less with the assistance offered by the said feature of the car.

This smartphone keyless feature is offered and available through the Tesla's Android and iPhone applications. It allows the owners to monitor and manipulate their Tesla Car remotely without the use of the keys. Unlock and drive Tesla S without the key is one of the leading features of the App.

Ryan was able to experience the feature at first, but after getting out checking and doing some adjustments on the car's bed, he found himself six miles away from home stocked and locked outside of the car without any cell service which is needed to connect to the car. The car on the other hand also needs cell service to receive some signals for it to work. This is what Negri didn't know when he was leaving his house.

The owner later said that he should have taken precaution and brought the keys with him. He also commented on the automaker and energy storage company, Tesla, for not able to come up with a contingency plan for such cases.

These days, wireless key technology is common. But the car control through smartphones is still an amazing new concept that everyone wanted to excitedly try and use for some time.

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