MacBook Pro Battery Life To Be Re-Tested By Consumer Reports

Jan 14, 2017 06:30 AM EST | Leian N.

Last December 2016, Consumer Reports announced that they could not possibly endorse the Apple MacBook Pro models due to their battery life discrepancies. In fact, the company has indicated that they would do a re-testing on the issue as it was determined that the developer mode in Safari was the culprit.

Consumer Reports Stand On Battery Life

When the Apple MacBook Pro was initially tested by Consumer Reports, the battery life of the device was only recorded to survive less than 4hrs as opposed to the 16hrs label. After the decision not to endorse the product, Consumer Reports was able to determine that the battery life minimization was due to a developer mode bug that deferred the maximization of the product's overall capacity.

As reported by CNET, Apple released an announcement last Tuesday that Consumer Reports did not use consumer usage standards when testing the product and the said culprit has already been fixed. Given that, Consumer Reports had decided to do a re-testing on the MacBook Pro battery life once again to determine if the Safari setting for developer web sites had been remedied.

Problem Fixed

Despite the explanation, consumers have also complained about the minimal battery life of the product even if they were promised to enjoy 10hrs of usage without interruption. After which, Apple then worked with Consumer Reports over the holidays to determine the problem.

It was determined that the user has to turn off the Safari local cache when conducing browsing tests. Therefore, the browser would have to fetch website date from the internet and installs images on the user's hard drive when turned off. That way, while surfing, Safari would not have to reload images all the time which could cause drainage of battery life, reported Tech Crunch.

Now that Consumer Reports will re-do the Apple MacBook Pro battery life testing once again, will it be proved that the gadget can go 10hrs long without interruption as promised? The said company would publish results once the test would be done.

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