AMD Ryzen Quad Core Processors Set To Compete With Intel Core i3 And i5

Jan 13, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Luna C

While enthusiasts are getting hyped about AMD's octa-core Ryzen monster processor, lurking along the dark corners of PC news are a plethora of lower-end AMD Ryzen variants. Quad-core Ryzen processors are going for the spotlight, this time, to go against an army of Intel i3 and i5 processors.

Reports are now saying that AMD is now starting to deploy samples of quad-core Ryzen processors and if all goes well, they should be rolled out together with their 8-core counterparts. Details about the Ryzen clock speeds are still vague but rumors point that they are to come with a 3.4 GHz base clock, similar to their flagships.

It has also been revealed that all AMD Ryzen CPU variants will have their multipliers unlocked and ready for overclocking. This is a huge advantage over Intel's Core i3 and i5 since their CPUs do not allow overclocking except for the premium priced K chips.

If one plans to overclock a quad-core Ryzen, right cooling should be ready since AMD processors are known to become immensely hot. An automated overclocking system is also recommended so that speeds can be set in their optimal performance without going to the point of overheating.

Since AMDs tend to overheat, liquid cooling would be a top choice for enthusiasts who wish to setup a rig with the Ryzen, especially when overclocking. This would ensure the most out of the chip's sustainable temperature and at the same time lower the worries of the user. Also a restriction of 45W TDP is expected to all mainstream processors.

AMD's army of Ryzen processors will be rolled out in stores before Mar. 3. There is still enough time to prepare cash if one wishes to build a rig that's powered by a Ryzen processor. As of this writing, it is now up to the consumers to prove or disprove that AMD Ryzen processors are better than their Intel counterparts.

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