Donald Trump's Limo "Cadillac One" Will Be Equipped With Tear Gas, Shotgun, And Other Security Features

Jan 13, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Luna C

The all-new "Cadillac One" will be a notable improvement on its predecessors called "Beasts". The latter was used to transport President George W. Bush and just recently, Barack Obama. The "Cadillac One" will most likely prove to be a one-of-a-kind presidential limo iteration built for billionaire and now US President, Donald Trump.

Autoweek reported that the 4.5-ton limousine will ensure Trump's safety from bullets since it will be protected by plated armor, most probably Kevlar. It will also be equipped with ready life support systems, food rations, and blood supply that match Trump's blood type. The "Cadillac One" is said to be built on the Kodiak truck chassis.

Donald Trump's Cadillac One: Security

On top of the essential features, it will now come loaded with tear gas cannons mounted at the front and a ready-to-use shotgun, NY Daily News reports. The Cadillac One's 20-cm armor is developed to resist armor-piercing bullets. The interior is also sealed against chemical and biological attacks. Road-side bombs also cannot penetrate this beast as the bottom chassis is plated with armor.

Donald Trump's Cadillac One: Ride Comfort

Reports also say that it's likely to have an updated electronic suspension. This allows the Cadillac One's driver, or pilot per se, to adjust the vehicle's ride height and tackle tricky path ways such as rubbles, damaged roads, and rivers if need be.

With regards to flat tires, anyone attempting to decommission the Cadillac One off the road will have a hard time. Its tires are made up of almost indestructible substances including Kevlar. The rims are also reinforced for added protection.

Donald Trump's Cadillac One: Price

The new Cadillac for the newly-elected US President Donald Trump would likely cost between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. It is also reported that there will be no similar model placed for public consumption. The Cadillac One's main objective is to transport the US President in a heavily protected shell. Unlike the Airforce One, it will not have an Oval Office inside.

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