Sony To Restock PlayStation VR And Plans To Incorporate New Changes - What Could It Be?

Jan 12, 2017 07:07 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

A new report claims that Sony will restock PlayStation VR on February 4th. Sony will then incorporate possible changes to their PlayStation VR which recently encountered different technical issues. The PlayStation VR has been out of stock lately, and this report surely delighted a lot of Sony fans.

According to Express, the restock release date was confirmed after sending multiple inquiries to Sony using different accounts. It was previously reported that Sony is currently incorporating possible changes to their PlayStation VR. A lot of questions arises after this news come out.

From the past few weeks, gamers are encountering issues with the PlayStation VR. One of which is the black screen horror in which the VR screen turns all black automatically. Another reported case is the VR's audio disappearing. These cases caused a lot of VR users to outrage.

It definitely is a terrifying experience since the case is coming from an unknown source. Sony has not sent any comments regarding the issue. Although, a report from The Sun states that the issue prevails due to the PS4 Pro console's compatibility to PSVR.

Sony, therefore, states that the PSVR is open for improvements, but has to make sure it will not affect affordability. Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai emphasized that the PSVR is the first of its kind, thus improvement will be drastic. Nonetheless, Sony assured that these changes will soon come.

It is still an open debate whether what certain improvements Sony needs to focus on the PSVR. With numerous reported cases experienced by PSVR users, it is important for Sony to comment on the issue cause until now the company has gone silent.

The PlayStation VR headset aims to amplify viewing and gaming experience. The device was launched last October 2016, and since received numerous appreciation. Fans are hopeful that Sony will again deliver with these improvements planned.

What do you think Sony should focus on the PSVR? Share it in the comment section below.

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