10 Cars People Keep For Decades

Jan 11, 2017 08:17 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado


New study in the United States shows that these car brands are most likely to be owned for a decade or more. These cars are built by either Toyota, Honda, Subaru or Lexus.

A used-car shopping website says 12.9 percent of car owners hold onto their cars for 10 or more years. The study was conducted by iSeeCars.com and it shows that SUVs and minivans, and hybrids were the most popular choices for the long haul.

In order to complete the study, the Massachusetts-based website analyzed more than 2.5 million used cars from 1981 to 2006 that are sold between Jan. 1 and Oct. 30. Result shows that there are five Toyota, three Honda, one Lexus, one Subaru models in the top ten list, and between 4 and 32.1 percent of owners keep new cars for at least a decade.

Coming at first is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid with 32.1 percent. The first-generation Toyota Highlander Hybrid was built between 2006 and 2007. While its price is quite a bit more than the standard Highlander, its fuel consumption made the initial financial hit more bearable.

The Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander come in second and third place. With 32.0 percent and 29.0 percent scores, both cars have outstanding mileage, ultralow emissions, and near-silent engines, for a reasonable price.

Coming at the fourth spot with 28.7 percent ranking score is the Toyota Sienna. It has a smooth, refined ride and easy-to-drive nature. It offers an all-wheel drive, making it a more practical alternative to crossover SUVs.

Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V are placed fifth and sixth with scores of 27.2 percent and 25.2 percent. Both cars helped shape the crossover SUV market for these have powerful engines, give respectable fuel economy, and are comfortable rides.

On the seventh spot is the Toyota RAV4 with a score of 24.2 percent. It is known for its sporty handling and it delivers a comfortable ride and a quiet cabin environment.

The only Subaru brand on the list, Subaru Forester is ranked eight with 24.2 percent score. Forester offers a rugged style of a traditional SUV, and compared to the SUVs mentioned above, Forester is larger and roomier.

Lexus RX Hybrid and Honda Odyssey are in the last two spots of the list and almost tied with 24.1 and 24.0 percent scores. Both cars have powerful engines, spacious cabins, and innovative third-row seats.

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