Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Option Coming To The Market, Model Reaches 50 MPG?

Jan 13, 2017 08:13 PM EST | Leian N.

The updated Chevrolet Cruze diesel model is yet to be released for purchase but General Motors had already revealed that it may earn a higher MPG rating. Pegged as possibly the only diesel-powered vehicle to possibly get a 50mpg rating, this development has been considered as the first acknowledgment of its kind to earn a fuel-economic label since the late 1980s.

Higher Highway EPA Ratings

During the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, Mark Reuss, General Motors' product development chief, informed car enthusiasts that their upcoming Chevrolet Cruze model may receive at least a 50mpg rating as its highway rating. Although there has not been an official EPA certification for the model, the company has predetermined that it would gain a higher rating compared to its previous version which earned 44mpg.

As reported by Automotive News, the latest model would be more powerful that its previous make and model since it has been crafted to be lighter due to the aluminum cylinder block as its base material. Per Mike Siegrist, the chief engineer of the make and model, they expect such developments to trigger higher MPG ratings since it has significantly been created way better than the initial model.

The Specs

The new Chevrolet Cruze diesel model is powered by a 1.6L turbodiesel engine which was recorded to generate 137hp and 240lb.ft. of torque. Siegrist claimed that the vehicle had been more powerful because of its low rpm range which would make it more fuel-efficient. 

In other news, Jalopnik reported that most manual transmission vehicles were pegged to be more fuel-efficient compared to automatics. However, the model may be the first of its kind since the late 1980s to receive a 50mpg since its a non-hybrid and yet, is surprisingly fuel-economic. 

If the company would be able to receive such highway ratings, the Chevrolet Cruze diesel model would be the herald of new developments of diesel-powered vehicles. In fact, former TDI owners had been looking for replacements for their VW vehicles which were subject to the emissions testing scandals last year. Will the model be the perfect replacement?

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