Mercedes-Benz Set To Become Top Premium Car Manufacturer

Jan 10, 2017 06:00 AM EST | jonathan aguilar

Mercedes-Benz may have finally achieved its goal to become the biggest premium car manufacturer. The market has responded positively to its elegant high technology cars resulting to an increased market share for the company.

Reuters reported that in 2016, Mercedes-Benz has reached sales of more than 2.08 million vehicles for passenger cars, an increase of 11.3% against the previous year. Industry leader BMW is not expected to beat the 2016 sales record of Mercedes-Benz when they release their sales figures.

Mercedes-Benz succeeded in capturing a significant chunk of the luxury car market by introducing cars with new classy and sporty designs that included self-driving capabilities. The company has recovered from the downward trend it experienced after breaking away from Chrysler and the mass car market frenzy in 2007.

Four years ago, Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche was pacifying stockholders worried about Mercedes-Benz's poor performance in the luxury car market controlled by BMW and Volkswagen's Audi. There was a need for change in the company's strategy and car technology.

Since then, Zetsche has led company in focusing on its known classy designs and the latest craze in car technology, self-driving or autonomous driving. Presently, Mercedes-Benz is one of the industry leaders when it comes to developing new technology and designs.

Actually, there was a concern from Daimler about selling too many units of their luxury cars, fearing that the brand might lose its premium value by mass production. This was downplayed by a report by Apple that mass production in the electronic industry does not necessarily affect brand popularity if quality and customer satisfaction is maintained.

The upward trend for Mercedes-Benz started in 2013 when the S-Class was renovated to appeal to the younger generation. Among other new technology changes, the dashboard was refurbished with conspicuous digital screens making it more modern and appealing.

The same changes were done in the E-Class and C-Class which subsequently became the company's best-selling models. The resurgence of Mercedes-Benz as the leader in the premium car market was a big surprise to the car manufacturing industry. 

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