CES 2017: Navya Arma Sets To Be The Secure European Autonomous Vehicle Driving Around The Mcity

Jan 09, 2017 10:11 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

The Navya Arma is a European autonomous vehicle on a circuit which runs through the roads of Mcity. Mcity is a University of Michigan's mock city where real life scenes are created to test and secure the autonomous vehicle environment.

Navya Arma has a technical design of three transversal pillars. These pillars are the perception, decision, and navigation. The perception pillar enables the vehicle to detect obstacles and anticipating the displacements. The decision pillar computes and determines the itinerary and trajectory. The navigation pillar applies the most optimal route for the vehicle to follow.

Navya Arma support enables multiple innovating methods to optimize the transportation of personnel and service agents depending on the legal framework such as open road and pedestrian zones. It optimizes the transportation of the electric vehicle and reduces carbon emission.

The electric vehicle is well-designed with the state of the art sensors which capable of communicating the data to refine the decision making of the vehicle. The 3D perception maps the route and allowing a precise positioning and ensures safety of detection.

The Arma is a driverless technology which requires a quick modification of the various routes and the constraints of the specificities of each customer. It optimizes the fleet of autonomous higher frequency and reduces waiting transport time.

Navya Arma has well-designed features. The GPS RTK leads a GPS communicator sensor to the base station to determine the precise position of the Navya Arma. The odometer measures the displacement and the wheels speed to determine the velocity and position of the electric vehicle. The camera stereovision detects obstacle and estimate position on the road signs and traffic lights extraction.

The MTC and Navya are planning to organize several demonstrations in the United States. The partnership between Navya and the MTC main goal is to showcase the advancing linked to autonomous vehicles with regards to maintenance and supervision platform. Navya is set to showcase at the largest high technology event in Las Vegas, CES 2017.


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