All Ryzen Processors Are Multiplier Unlocked And Ready For Overclocking, AMD Confirms

Jan 10, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Luna C

A new batch of AMD Ryzen presentation slides have been set out for the public to see. One of the said slides confirms that all AMD Ryzen processors are unlocked and can be overclocked. On top of that, AMD also aims to simultaneously launch the highly anticipated processor together with its recommended boards, coolers, and other PC parts by first quarter of 2017.

According to the slide below, AMD has confirmed that "every AMD Ryzen Processor is multiplier unlocked". This would officially mean that AMD is open to overclocking and it's probably to win the hearts of PC enthusiasts and have leverage in the attempt to finally reclaim domination in the processor market. At this point, it is important to note that overclocking has a pre-requisite motherboard and more details are on the next paragraphs.

AMD Ryzen Chip Variants

AMD has only showcased their higher end processors, particularly the 8-Core/16T Ryzen CPUs. Other AMD Ryzen chips will also become available once launched but configurations for these are still undisclosed. For instance, other core configurations and variations are still unknown.

Brad Chacos from Infoworld was told by an AMD executive that there will be a complete lineup of products at launch. With that said, lower variants are expected to show up, such as 6-core and 4-core versions.

What Boards Are Compatible With Overclocking?

Enthusiasts are now glad to know that all AMD Ryzen processors are unlocked by default but it does not mean that all their current motherboards are ready to cooperate once overclocking begins. AMD Ryzen overclocking potential will obviously depend on what motherboard it is housed in. Overclockers should note that X370, X300, or B350 chipset boards are needed. For SLI/Crossfire, at least an X370 board is required.

AMD's Long Term Game Plan Starts with the Ryzen

In another report, AMD sets its 4-year road map starting with the launch of the Ryzen. The highly anticipated processor also took the same number of years to develop. In summary of AMD's plan, they aim to counter Intel's "tick-tock" pacing with their own "tock-tock" rhythm. Find out all about it here.

AMD Ryzen Projected Launch Date

AMD Ryzen and its variants are expected to hit the shelves within the first quarter of 2017. AMD's Robert Hallock also assures that fans will not have to wait until the very last day of March. It's possible that they will roll out by February this year.

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