Nintendo Switch Price Should Be At $250 According To A Japanese Site

Jan 10, 2017 06:10 AM EST | Luna C

Everyone is definitely curious on how much the Nintendo Switch would and should cost. Most would assume it will be priced like a console, somewhere between the $300 to $400 price range. Some would say it will be higher since it serves both console and handheld at the same time.

The Nintendo Switch price may be lower than $300, particularly in the $215 to $250 range. This is thanks to a post at a Japanese site, Nikkei, claiming that the Nintendo Switch's retail cost will be around the said price range. As of this writing, it is important to note that Nintendo has not yet released an official price, so it is not safe to say that the console-handheld hybrid will cost less than current gen consoles.

Nintendo Switch Price Rumored

Nonetheless, the article says that they have acquired information that the Nintendo Switch will be set up in shelves at 25,000 Yen. Today's exchange rate will convert it to around $215. If shipment and other extra costs would be taken to consideration, the final Switch price once the units will arrive in US soil should put it somewhere around the $250 price tag.

Why Is the Nintendo Switch Super Cheap?

For starters, the reason why the Nintendo Switch 'may' be cheaper than other consoles is to convince people to buy the console-handheld hybrid. At this point in time, even though Nintendo has held back official specifications about the Nintendo Switch, live demos seem to prove that the device's capabilities are inferior to today's PS4 and Xbox One. This would put the Nintendo Switch as a 'weaker' console, so in theory, price would need to bow down.

Second, Nintendo needs to make up their sales numbers following the Nintendo Wii U flop. Selling at a lower price point would invite more buyers to purchase the up and coming gaming console rather than having a starting price that is more expensive than the leading flagships from Sony and Microsoft - which most gamers today already have either or both.

The Nintendo Switch $250 price point also coincides with the rumored price of CAD $330 which went viral late last year. No word has been released by Nintendo yet so everyone should hold their horses until the Nintendo Switch event on Jan. 13.

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