How To Put Custom ROMs and Add More Games To The Nintendo NES Classic Edition [Watch]

Jan 09, 2017 10:35 AM EST | Ed Saludes


When the Nintendo NES Classic was launched last November, gaming consoles enthusiasts were amazed by the instant 30 retro games offered. It didn't take long for savvy hackers from Japan and Russia to add more games to the NES Mini and even put custom ROMs on the gadget. Here's a guide on how to upload new titles and to inject new ROMs using a tool, which pulls directly from the console.

According to Fortune magazine, jailbreaking the NES Classic does not include using screwdrivers and working on the hardware. The hack requires moving internal NES Mini data to a PC and transferring back the software to the gadget. But here's a catch, a special interface is needed to do the tweaks.

The hacking of Nintendo's instant sellout NES Classic was first reported by ARS Technica. Though the method is not as simple as drag-and-drop, there is no need for a soldering iron to remove or attach some hardware to mod the NES Mini.

Russian hacker MadMonkey is credited for paving way to add more games to the NES Mini. This is not approved by Nintendo so there is a risk of voiding any warranty once the retro gaming console is touched. Detailed instructions on how to load ROMs using a USB cable and PC are outlined on this site.

There is also a YouTube video uploaded for more visual instructions on how to mess up with the NES Classic. Two months after its release, the console remains a hot item but is still elusive for many unlucky customers.

Several enterprising individuals might take advantage of this development. Modded NES Classic can be a click-bait for gamers who do are not technically equipped to do the procedures. But thanks to MadMonkey and other hackers, playing on the console will have more options.

The video below offers instructions how to mod an NES Mini to add 30 more games. Share your thoughts on the article in the comment section.

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