CES 2017 Honda Presented Their Self-Balancing Motorcycle - Riding Assist

Jan 09, 2017 09:50 AM EST | Joyce Vega

Honda’s developers made a self-balancing technology for motorbikes which will protect the driver and keep him upright. This system is in the prototype stage and can reduce a lot of motorcycle accidents around the world.

According to PC World, this motorbike called Riding Assist makes tiny adjustments on the steering wheel moving back and forth to keep the bike balanced. Building systems which will balance the two-wheeled vehicles aren't new. Murata Manufacturing made a robot that can keep balance but they rely on a gyroscope and Honda’s doesn’t because they add additional weight to the bike.

At this year’s CES the company presented the bike which was remotely controlled and drove itself without falling over. When a driver sat and lifted his feet onto the bike’s footrests the bike still managed to stay up. This motorbike will allow the driver to enjoy a great ride and rest while there is a lot of traffic. The company still hasn’t announced when it might appear on the market.

When the driver is enjoying a fast ride on his bike, keeping balance isn’t a problem, but when he slows down this could be a really dangerous problem if he loses his momentum the gravity tends to become more insistent. But according to Tech Radar’s report, Honda’s newest self-balancing motorcycle can stand on its own two wheels even when you are not on it.

For creating this self-balancing bike, Honda used ASIMO robot and UNI-MO self-balancing scooter. Because of the latest technology this bike will remain on its wheels whether the owner is driving it fast or he is standing next to it. The price and the launch date are still unknown but with this technology, there will be fewer accidents on the road.

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