Razer Project Ariana Takes Gaming To The Next Level And Quite Trippy Too; Release Date, Price Hinted [Video]

Jan 09, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Luna C

Virtual reality in gaming may have its moments in 2016 but everyone knows that it's still too early to adapt to the technology. A headset strapped on one's head allowing the user to experience another world is awesome but modern society seems not too ready for it. Razer's new concept Project Ariana, a projector at 4K resolution, spills out the contents of the screen onto the walls.

How Does Project Ariana Work?

The concept makes the game room a virtual reality world itself and it sounds very promising but Razer Project Ariana is still an ongoing development. Razer aims that the setup goal is to simply position the projector at the TV, connect it on a computer, and then a depth-sensing camera within the projector will detect the edges of the TV. After that, the whole image will be expanded across all sides where the TV display ended.

In turn, the player's field of view is greatly expanded to a point that one would think that he or she is on a game environment. Project Ariana projector takes the game out from an enclosed box out onto the whole room. The camera can speculatively be able to recognize what's on the TV and react by providing immersive lighting. This has been similarly done in the past by Philips Ambilight TVs.

Project Ariana at CES 2017

A super controlled demonstration at CES 2017 has blown everyone by its awesome performance. Razer's Project Ariana had some help with Chroma products and Philips Hue lights so that when the player passes by a light, the setup would react by flickering some actual light into the game room.

Modes can also be expressed in Razer Project Ariana by representing some color lights into the room. For instance when the character of the game is enraged, the whole room is lit in red. And when the scene is calm, something light bluish or green will fill the rooms lighting.

The awesome display of syncing the game screen with room lighting is possible by partnering Project Ariana with Chroma - a fancy light system by Razer. Kushal Tandon, Razer Project manager and engineer, told Gizmodo that Razor Project Ariana naturally just popped up as an extension to Chroma development, which started in 2014.

Razer Project Ariana Price, Release Date

Much leg work has to be done by software, so at this point, what Razer expresses that the project is in the works is acceptable to all. Having a system that reads TV calibration and sensing overall room lighting is pretty tough work. This would mean that the soonest it will launch will be probably by next year. Razer Project Ariana price is speculated at around $600 which costs less than most VR platforms, Gizmodo reports.

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