AMD Ryzen Successor Already Discussed; 4-Year Road-Map, Not Doing A Paper Launch

Jan 09, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Luna C

AMD expects to return to its former glory with power users in the universe called the processor industry. They plan to do it with the release of its latest cutting edge tech, the AMD Ryzen processor, and it will be out by March. AMD says that Ryzen is the fruit of hard work in the past four years of development.

This also happens to be the same time period AMD expects its upcoming Ryzen processor to become relevant. The processor developers expect something big of the AMD brand after four years starting from the launch of the AMD Ryzen in March.

What is AMD's four-year plan like?

This is proven at PCWorld's chat with Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer for AMD. Papermaster says that AMD was targeting for a four-year lifespan out of the AMD Ryzen. What AMD essentially wants is to release processors that will have huge impact on performance as compared to the last generation, as reported here.

This is a different approach as what Intel is currently doing. Papermaster describes that their rival is doing a "tick-tock" release rhythm. Where "tick" is a mediocre release - using similar architecture from the previous one. "Tock" produces a big gap from the previous models such as a completely different architecture. AMD, on the other hand, plans to do a "tock, tock, tock" starting with the AMD Ryzen release.

With concrete examples, a "tick" in Intel's pace can be represented by a 14nm Broadwell architecture since it is just a version of a 22nm Haswell. It became a "tock" when Skylake came along, bringing with it a new architecture built on the same 14nm process node. Simply put, the gap between Haswell and Skylake is much greater compared to the gap between Broadwell and Haswell.

AMD Will Not be Doing a Paper Launch

It is important to note also that Papermaster is not planning to release AMD Ryzen CPUs and make users wait for another 4 years to upgrade. AMD will most likely release newer CPUs annually but the plan is to have its improvements greater, not just minor improvements, ergo "tock, tock, tock".

To realize the great plan, AMD Ryzen needs to live up to the hype to begin with. Jim Anderson, senior VP and general manager for AMD's Computing and Graphics division, says that they are not going to do a paper launch. Anderson also says that, they are not messing with it as they've done it before.

AMD Ryzen Successor(s) Already in the Works?

AMD Ryzen release date is scheduled for March 2017 and for enthusiasts, it is expected to have a motherboard ready for it when it comes out. Below is a video that discusses about AMD Ryzen successor:

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