Honda NeuV Concept Earns Money For Their Owners Via Autonomous Ride Share And Excess Electricity

Jan 07, 2017 06:10 AM EST | Luna C


Honda just revealed the NeuV Concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017. A compact car that the Japanese car maker claims will make each NeuV owner make some extra money. This Electric Vehicle (EV), a North American version of the Kei car, is a small but efficient car - especially when driving within the city.

The Honda NeuV Concept bears an exotic design that is mostly composed of Plexiglas as opposed to the usual sheet metal that one would find on modern cars. The sides of the EV would be doors that will pivot to clear the way for easy access in and out of the vehicle despite its very small size. Doors and windows are lit under so that when the car is not in use, it somehow blends in with the city lights.

Honda NeuV Concept Earns Money for Its Owners Via Autonomous Uber-Type Service

The North American Kei car is specifically designed to make the driver some extra cash when he or she is not using it. The Honda NeuV is conceptualized for driverless ride sharing. It has a program (ongoing development) that would autonomously pick up passengers who would register in their system, announcing that they need a ride.

Honda NeuV Concept Earns Money for Its Owners Via Power Refunds

On top of being an autonomous ride-sharing vehicle, the Honda NeuV Concept can sell electricity not being used into the system. When the day is done and the Electric Vehicle still has some juice to spare, the owner can decide to sell it back to the grid by using their wireless charging system.

Honda NeuV Concept Automated Network Assistant

More features are being showcased at CES 2017 as Honda boasts their Automated Network Assistant (HANA). The artificial intelligence would learn from the driver's actions and will be able to tell what mood he or she is in. The AI keeps track of all situations, for one, it can determine if the owner is too tired to drive. HANA can also suggest what music genre to play while driving.

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