Smart Parking Assistant Concept Presented By Mercedes And Bosch At The CES 2017 [Video]

Jan 06, 2017 05:10 PM EST | Leonora Puno

The concept for a smart parking assistant was presented by Mercedes and Bosch in the 2017 CES held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was conceptualized in order to resolve problems with regards to finding parking spaces in the city. Currently, drivers have to spend an average of 30 minutes and drive three miles until they can find a space where they can park their vehicles. Such a situation can result to time and money wasted.

This idea was already tested as early as September by Daimler. Cars were equipped with sensors that can identify empty spaces for parking. One downside though of this parking assistant was that it included all empty spaces as possible parking spaces, leading to confusion and accidents. To prevent such problems, the smart parking assistant was further improved so that it can recognize parking spaces accurately, according to Phys.Org.

Mercedes and Bosch have been testing a community-based parking. This is one way of finding parking area faster and easier than the conventional way. The pilot testing was conducted in Stuttgart. Test vehicles were installed with sensors that gather data about spaces on the curbside that can be used for parking. Data were shared with other vehicles using a communication interface, according to eMove 360.

The concept of Smart Parking Assistant was revealed in the 2017 Consumers and Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its potential in solving parking issues in cities was recognized. However, the smart parking assistant sometimes mistook empty spaces for a car parking lot. To make it accurate, high-precision digital mapping should be added to its feature, according to Auto Express.

With the use of Smart Parking Assistant, people with cars will not be wasting time and effort just to find a place where they can park their cars. This will bring convenience to car owners and will make driving one's car a better experience.

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