NAVYA ARMA, The First Innovative And Intelligent Driverless Transport Vehicle Launches In Las Vegas

Jan 06, 2017 12:57 PM EST | Carl Anthony Teves


The automotive industry is evolving faster with the use of modern technology. Different car makers were developing innovative vehicles to compete with each other with their own interesting features. Some are using electric technology that could benefit the environment and some are using a holographic system that brings futuristic experience.

Reportedly, another invention has been revealed in 2017 Consumer Electric Show (CES), the NAVYA ARMA. This NAVYA's invention is an electric, intelligent and environmentally friendly transport vehicle that can be controlled without a driver's presence. This innovative driverless transport vehicle has the capability to transport up to 15 passengers and drive up safely with the maximum speed of 45 km/h.

With the use of electric technology this transport vehicle can last from 5 to 13 hours according to its configuration and also it will depend on to the traffic conditions. This vehicle reportedly had the capability to adapt to any kind of situation and it can also avoid any obstacle like any drivers do. It can also help preventing accident and even traffic by maintaining its minimal speed.

NAVYA Arma is using touch screen technology to be used by its passengers to set their destinations that will bring passengers to a higher level of travel experience. And this transport vehicle is being controlled and operated by NAVYA private sites only.

 According to NAVYA, this invention was the fruit of their ten years of research and expertise with the help of their entrusted best French specialists. NAVYA ARMA transport vehicle can be considered as one of the most highly developed driverless transport vehicles. This might make most consumers curious about having experience in riding this kind innovative vehicle.

 NAVYA Arma can provide safe and smooth transportation for its passengers which can catch the interest of all valuable passengers. Compared to other transport vehicles, Arma shuttle offers chipper transportation fee to make it more affordable for the passengers, estimated 30 to 40% less expensive than a classic line.


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