CES 2017 Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman To Showcase Self-driving Technology

Jan 06, 2017 12:46 PM EST | Joyce Vega

Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun is reading a book while being driven by the autonomous Ioniq sedan in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Chung made a great presentation during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in the city to introduce the carmaker’s strategy for future mobility. This presentation was the best way to show the world their latest creation while reading a book and drinking coffee while being driven.

Even Chung who was part of the creation was impressed. He could multitask while being driven, this is a time well spent and more efficient. With projects and creations like this in the near future people should start to get used to being driven or seeing other people reading books with hands off the steering wheel, Korean Times reported. In this presentation, Hyundai Motor suggested three visions for future mobility: Freedom of Mobility, Clean Mobility, and Connected Mobility. Hyundai Motor has all the safety technologies by developing artificial intelligence to counter potential accident situations. From five levels by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Ioniq sedan Chung got to level 4 which means high automation.

According to CNet, Hyundai's CES 2017 started with a lot of the terminology people expected to connect a car, smart home, autonomous vehicle and even virtually connecting the car to the home with data. When parked this hyper-connected intelligent car connects to an opening in a wall that matches the shape of the car’s door portal and physically integrates into the room with the home. When the owner want’s to drive he just needs to sit on one of those smart seats, slide into the hyper-connected car and let it drove him. The car is digitally connected to the house which maintains a virtual connection to the home network. Hyundai Motors sees this two parts as one unit.

With great technology comes a great price, but Hyundai Motor made one true affordable driverless car which was presented in Las Vegas, Nevada at this year’s CES. Why is it cheaper than the others? Because Hyundai used cheaper sensors and less computing power. Some people say Hyundai made Ioniq compete with Toyota’s Prius.

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