Bose Unveils Automotive Technology

Jan 06, 2017 06:30 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado

While companies like BMW and Bosch are reimagining the automotive cabin of the next generation at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Bose is focusing its resources on producing the perfect seat for next generation vehicles. The company's Bose Ride suspension seat will provide a smoother ride in autonomous vehicles.

At its "Beyond Sound" presentation at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas this week, Bose hopes to show its audience what the cars of the future could feel like. Bose will demonstrate a simulated autonomous car which will be equipped with Bose Ride, the firm's patented personal suspension technology that shields passengers from unwanted motion.

Bose Ride helps make the interior of a car feel more like an extension of a home or office by reducing the amount of movement passengers would feel inside. The company says that it will provide genuine sense of stability, comfort, luxury and productivity to the passengers while on the road. The idea is that if people are going to be driven around by an artificial intelligence anyway, why not feel like they're in a living room or office rather than a shaky car? 

The company started to work on the improvement of the automotive suspension systems since the 1980s, it even introduced the Bose Ride system for heavy-duty trucking in 2010. The founder of the company, Amar Bose, wanted to improve people's riding experience so he invented a full active suspension system that was pretty far ahead of its time. It will be interesting how well it will comprehend with passenger vehicles on the road. The Bose Ride systems significantly improve the comfort for long-haul drivers, while dramatically reducing stress and pain.

Bose is best known for its sound equipment, and the company has the next-gen of tech at CES, too. Bose Aware uses speakers in the seats to give drivers alerts, navigation signals, safety prompts, and incoming phone calls. Bose says it is adapting the single-axis tech used in heavy trucks to a multi-axis design that are much suitable for passenger vehicles. Though it's just in a concept form as of now, it should be interesting to try, even in demo.

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