Biggest Tech Trends In 2017

Jan 06, 2017 06:40 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado

2016 had its share of important technological breakthroughs that are pretty exciting and interesting. Tons of new gear were released and there have been big upsets as well, most notably the Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

Every tech trend piece relies on a few buzzwords; countless tech trends will change the world in the future. Now seems like a great time to redefine few of this year's big tech concepts. Here's a peek on how industries are shifting in 2017.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality was a big hit in 2016, with the release of Sony's PlayStation VR and Google's DayDream View VR headset and accompanying platform. But people can't walk around in the real world with a headset on. That being said, the so called 'augmented reality' will make its way to our phones. It is where virtual objects and information are displayed on top of the physical world.

Virtual reality is still primarily for gaming, but when combined with haptic technologies, training and teaching applications will become more viable. Expect better versions of AR and VR to unveil in the upcoming year.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence that creates smart homes powered by virtual assistants will be one of the biggest tech trend in 2017. With the success of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, two smart home systems released in 2016, batch of new products are likely to come. Start to consider that AI will inhabit other places in the coming years such as inside cars and white label goods. Sony, Intel, Samsung, and LG are among the technology giants unveiling new products this year.


Of course, chatbots aren't a new phenomenon, and are fairly rudimentary, but it doesn't mean that people will stop using it. Chatbots are still in the process of introducing new ideas and it might be helpful once advanced methods are applied. Chatbots will become commonplace in 2017, particularly in the travel industry. Machines will allow chatbots to become more sophisticated while customer expectations will rapidly evolve in tandem.

As travel brands continue to experiment more bots into the ecosystem, insights will start to show how people want to engage with chatbots. The better data and insights at fingertips, then expertise will grow.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term that refers to internet-connected versions of daily household appliances like a smart vacuum cleaner or cat food dispenser that connects to a certain smartphone. Internet of Things will improve and feature more real-world deployments, big data applications and maybe advertising.

In 2017, people will know a lot more about the cloud connecting to the IoT landscape. Amazon Web Services will be moving down that IoT path and rest assured, Google, which announced partnership with Qualcomm, and every other cloud services provider will soon follow.

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