Hyundai's Mobility Vision Concept At CES 2017 Literally Connects The Car To Your Home

Jan 06, 2017 06:10 AM EST | jonathan aguilar


At the incoming Consumer Electronic Show 2017, (CES 2017), Hyundai will be featuring its Mobility Vision concept that connects the Hyundai car as if it were a part of the owner's home. The connection is not only a virtual one but an actual physical integration connecting the car through a hole in the wall.

The Hyundai Mobility Vision concept is only just a concept but Hyundai is spending substantially in its development with the idea of using the car to make life easier and more convenient to have in the owner's home. There is no definite time projected when this concept will become fully operational.

In this project, Hyundai is in a partnership with Cisco, a giant in the networking industry. The best way to integrate car and home is to connect the car directly to the house by building a hole, gate or portal where the door of the car opens into the house.

With Hyundai Mobility Vision concept, the house and the car can share their air conditioning systems; with the car system used as an auxiliary unit in case of power failure. The car can also serve as an additional space for sitting, lounging or even sleeping using the car seats as chairs, bed or sofa.

Of course, the computer system of the car, the internet connection and other data can be integrated with the house computer enabling the car owner to bring all computer data and information through Wi-Fi and cloud storage when he goes mobile. The car visual and audio systems can also be connected to the house so the car owner can download movies while travelling and later view the movie when stationary at home.

The car chairs are movable and be brought into the house when there is scarcity of chairs to accommodate additional visitors. The Hyundai Mobility Vision concept is so convenient and practical that many are awaiting its applicability when Hyundai demonstrates its potential at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. 

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