Nintendo Mini NES Classic Console Restock Update: Target, Best Buy, And Other Retailers Stocks Are Available, But Kept Unannounced?

Jan 05, 2017 02:55 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

The hottest retrogaming console stocks keep on coming by but are kept unannounced by retailers. Multiple stories in social media prove that Nintendo keeps on providing stocks but in a limited status only. Retailers such as Target and Best Buy recently been spotted selling Nintendo Mini NES Classic Consoles.

The Social Media is a place where people shared their stories either good or bad. A Facebook Group Page solely discussing all latest news about Nintendo Mini NES Classic Console shared their stories regarding the availability of the console. It seems like stocks keep on coming, but hopeful buyers are left uninformed.

Today, members from the NES Facebook Page posted screenshots of Best Buy website with available stocks displayed. Also, members located near Target in Pasadena stated that the retailer store currently has available stocks, but could possibly be sold out already as of this moment.

Until now, Nintendo Mini NES Classic Console scarcity is still a trend. Express stated that stocks in the UK and US are still nowhere to be found. But, on the bright side, NES console being sold at third party retailers such as eBay, Amazon, and CEX prices have dropped drastically and are open for auction since the Holidays are over.

Prices from eBay dropped to $80-$98, Amazon $115-$141, and CEX $130-$159. Compared to the console's original price of $59.99, these third party prices are still expensive. It is still important for hunters to keep checking for updates in inventory checker tool since nowadays stocks are being sold unannounced.

Meanwhile, for lucky hunters who possesses the Nintendo Mini Classic Console, Snakebyte recently announced to provide NES Classic Mini accessories. Issues such as power supply and controller extension will now be addressed. Snakebyte created a NES Classic power adapter that allows gamers to plug the console into any regular outlet via USB. With regard to the controllers, a 9.8 feet extension for NES Classic gamepad will be made available soon. Share to us your comment about the article.

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