Subaru Unveils STI-Tuned Models In TAS 2017

Jan 05, 2017 06:10 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado

Subaru is debuting four cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, set to be held on Jan. 13 to Jan. 15. The BRZ, WRX, Levorg, and Impreza will be receiving STI upgrades as part of Subaru's performance boost.

The STI letters in the name of the concept is originated from the famed "Subaru Tecnica International". It is Subaru's performance subgroup that is responsible for many fast cars made by the Japanese brandThe upcoming Subaru BRZ STI will be coming in with a new design. However, the automaker never said that it will not yet release the Subaru BRZ STI in the near future, but they are looking for an expansion for the STI lineup.

Subaru has only revealed details for the coupe BRZ STI Sport Concept. The concept delivers a host of cosmetic upgrades and STI-tuned driving performance. The shade of blue signature that owners of the brand recognize is somewhat missing from the concept vehicle released by the automaker, but owners are willing to let that slide until the automaker decides to build a production version.

Based on a photo published on Subaru's media website leads consumers to believe that the concept is based on the production model 2017 BRZ GT. It just needs a bit of encouragement from the public to build it on its production lines.

Another exhibit is the Subaru Levorg STI Sport. It also comes with a few STI upgrades, which seems to reveal what STI engineers can do even with a crossover at hand. As for both WRX and Impreza's STI concepts, Subaru is yet to release some information about the upgrades it will receive. However, the automaker reassured that it will get a unique interior and exterior detailing, similar to that of the BRZ STI Sport.

Although the automaker made a reassurance, according to Motoring, an unnamed senior engineer at Subaru says that fans won't see a redesigned WRX until 2020. This then led some fans to question: Is detailing and design somehow different? Only Subaru itself can give accurate details about these upgrades.

All of the abovementioned Subaru racing cars will be joining Japan Rally, the Super GT Championship, and the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. Subaru says that it will make further announcements about its motorsports program during the event.

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