Sweden's Best-selling Car In 2016 Was Not A Volvo - It Was Outsold By Volkswagen Golf

Jan 05, 2017 06:10 AM EST | jonathan aguilar

For more than 50 years in Sweden, Volvo has always been the best-selling car. This year, the top selling car is not a Volvo. The Volkswagen Golf has outsold all other car models of cars in Sweden for the year 2016.

As reported by BBC news, the Volkswagen Golf took 5.9% of all cars sales while the Volvo series, V70, V90 and S90 took a total of 5.7%. The top car sales figures are quite close but in total overall sales, Volvo still had the largest share of the market, according to the carmakers' associations of the country.

The last time that another car model sold more than the Volvo was in 1962 when another Volkswagen car model, the Beetle, outsold the Volvo, which is still considered by many as the country's iconic car. Presently, Volvo is no longer a Swedish company because it is now owned by a Japanese firm, the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

However, Volvo still sells the most number of cars in Sweden, selling 21.5% of the total volume of sales. In second place is Volkswagen that sold 15.7% of the car market. The most popular car in the last two decades, the Volvo V-70 is no longer being produced and has been replaced by the Volvo 90, which is a later model.

But in total volume of Volvo cars sold, Sweden is only second to China which sold more in 2016. Sweden's carmakers' association reports that the 2016 sales of Volvo in Sweden increased by 8%. More than 370,000 new Volvo registrations were recorded in 2016 including truck sales which went up by an impressive 15% when compared to 2015 sales. 

The modern features of the Volkswagen Golf contributed to its excellent sales performance in Sweden. Despite Volkswagen fine showing, the Volvo brand is expected to remain the most selling brand in Sweden. The brand name recall is still something to contend with when it comes to car model popularity. 

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