CES 2017 Shows Only "Parts Of The Puzzle" For Fully Autonomous Cars; Should Be Ready By 2020

Jan 04, 2017 06:30 AM EST | Luna C


The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 is currently brooding with the latest in technology and some people might think way much ahead of the modern times. Most people would now think that the technology for driverless cars which could go virtually anywhere will be fully realized and can be felt this year. However, this is still too futuristic.

CES 2017: Autonomous Cars are Still a Long Way to Go

According to a post at PCWorld.es, it is certain that automakers, in collaboration with technological pioneers, are now on the race with time and other rival groups to release the most reliable autonomous cars. It is also reported that Honda had teamed up with Waymo to work on autonomous cars.

Waymo, formerly called Alphabet, is known for Google's X Project that experiments with self-driving cars. Other giant companies are also teaming up to come up with similar ideas, and whoever currently has notable achievements should be able to showcase them in CES 2017.

According to Forecasts, there won't be much progress until 2020. Human drivers are still irreplaceable as of the moment and no matter how much sensors, radars, cameras, and other technological stuff try, there's still no better replacement for the human senses - except in some cases when the driver is careless enough. With that said, the probability of having fully autonomous cars within this year is very low.

Progress has been done, nevertheless. For instance, Tesla's autopilot feature calculated the car's algorithm properly that it was able to step on the brakes on time. The AI's decision saved the driver and other motorists from the cars that were about to collide. To sum it up, artificial intelligence is still on the process of "learning" how to comandeer a vehicle properly. So it may take some time for fully reliable autonomous vehilces to be massively produced.

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