F1 Latest News: 2017 Ferrari Formula 1 Car Revealed, Is Ferrari a Sore Loser Against Mercedes and Red Bull?

Jan 04, 2017 11:04 AM EST | BC Tabotabo

Ferrari has recently written a letter of complaint to Formula 1 against Mercedes and Red Bull. It questioned the use of hydraulic activation of heave spring suspension systems in the 2016 F1.

Ferrari's F1 Letter. Ferrari's chief designer Simone Resta recently wrote a letter to F1's Whitling. Resta questioned the use of a hydraulic activation of heave spring suspension systems. Whitling replied that it would violate one of their regulations.

Mercedes and Red Bull used a different combination for their heave springs with hydraulic actuation in the 2016 F1. It allowed them to create hydraulic pressure that could act as an energy store. This energy could then be used to change the suspension to its advantage.

2017 Ferrari Formula 1 Car. Ferrari will do a major overhaul for its 2017 Formula One car. After a winless campaign last year, the Ferrari's 2017 F1 car will be wider, bolder looking, and faster than any of its predecessors.

The car will feature improved aerodynamics. The majority of the other alterations will be in compliance with new F1 regulations for 2017.

Ferrari's 062/2 power unit will have an internal combustion engine that aims at making better use of the MGU-H. This will also increase the efficiency of the hybrid systems. It will also reduce the risk of turbocharger unreliability.

The car's combustion chamber will feature a significant switch to a new multi-jet ignition system. This is not yet confirmed. However, Ferrari's growing relationship with Mahle technology company could very well make it happen.

Ferrari will probably revise the car's gearbox. They are planning to go back to a more traditional solution to improve traction. This was after the 2016 concept of rear-mounted suspension between the differential and the gearbox. This proved to be too troublesome at times. The car is predicted to have a similar front suspension layout as the Mercedes'.

The car is expected to increase its wheelbase by 200mm. The engine will also be set slightly further back in the car. This will be in compliance with the F1 regulation changes that require a 105kg fuel tank.

Ferrari is also expected to remove the additional white part of its livery. This was only added in 2016. Ferrari insiders believe this is a possibility because the design is associated with many of their bad years. Both of its winless seasons - 1993 and 2016 - both came with a whiter than usual livery.

Ferrari's letter has been greatly criticized as a low blow to Mercedes and Red Bull. Rather than spending millions on creating their own hydraulic activation system that could store energy, they decided to just level the playing field. The timing couldn't be any worse for Mercedes and Red Bull who are now forced to change their design at the last minute.

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