BMW i8 Review: How Deal With IBM IoT HQ Benefits BMW

Jan 04, 2017 10:38 AM EST | Joyce Vega

The future is on the road to Munich, Germany where IBM and BMW will join their forces and work together on future innovations for connected cars. On December 15, IBM announced that they will be partnering with the German giant automaker BMW at their Internet of Things (IoT) collaborator. These two companies will join their forces in order to personalize the driving experience and improve driver support.

Engineers from BMW as well as IBM will put their hearts and souls into this project in order to make new Watson-powered tools and services for connected vehicles, Tech Republic reported. Four BMW i8 Hybrid sports cars will be part of the deal with IBM IoT HQ. Watson will be able to learn the driver's behaviors, preferences and habits in order to customize and give the driver the ability to enjoy every ride. The driver will be able to talk to Watson who will learn the owner's manual and natural language capabilities to answer the driver's questions. This project made people realize how far the technology has come. BMW is planning to test the autonomous vehicles in Munich in 2017. This is not the first time IBM has integrated Watson into a vehicle, In June 2016 IBM integrated Watson in Olli, a self-driving transport bus in Maryland.

According to Know Your Mobile, this project on which BMW and IBM will work together has one goal, to make driving assistance and information more personalized and intuitive. Watson in BMW i8 will be able to provide information from fuel levels to traffic updates in an easy way. The car will remain a fixture in personal transportation, but only the driving experience will change.

Every company is working towards something new, something better but with the new project, a lot of forces were joined and it is expected to be a huge success. When BMW and IBM will integrate Watson into BMW i8, those who decide to buy this car will have the opportunity to communicate with Watson without touching a button. All the driver has to do is ask a question or give a command Forbes reported. The biggest plus is that Watson is a self-learning software which will spot and remember driver's native language as well as his habits in order to him enjoy every ride.

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