5g Technology Stars At CES 2017; Shifts To Change Tech World Again

Jan 04, 2017 07:49 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Ericsson, Nokia, Verizon and other mobile and connectivity companies will be presented at CES 2017. Additionally, how the 5G will be able to connect networks, audio-visual media and technologies to improve daily life and work will also be showcased. 5G technology is said to change the tech world in major ways. Here are some changes to be introduced.

First and foremost, 5g technology will be blazing fast. Although current internet speeds cannot be considered to be low, 5g technology will have a dramatic increase in speed. With the 5G, one can download a high-definition video in just 10 seconds compared to the 10 minutes it takes nowadays, according to MobilenApps

Although one might think that the difference between the past 3G, present 4G and the future 5G lie solely on speed, the reality is that each new generation is a whole range of possibilities. The prospect of a 5G technology connection promises to improve several areas. 5G does not only allow one to browse the Internet faster but also allows the user to connect to it at all times due to low latency.

The future service of 5g technology will have a much more immediate response capability between devices than previous technologies. Although not all applications benefit from this feature, for some, this is considered to be a critical issue. Industrial remote telemedicine applications and stand-alone cars are examples in which a minimum latency would be key to effective use. In the case of cars, the difference between a high and low response speed can mean the difference between life and death in the event of an accident.

As TechCrunch notes, the world of 5G is a world of data collaboration and constant communication, with artificial intelligence and all sorts of sensors looking to make everyday life easier. This will be done not only in e-commerce but also in education and health, with 5G improving the exchange of information between users and professionals or specialists.

The new speed will also bring benefits to video broadcasting applications, which is very necessary to value that 4K technology, which weighs four times more information than the current HD, is close to settling. It can revolutionize sports broadcasting virtual reality, thus making it live so that from the couch at home, it will be like being in the stands or in the field and see what a viewer wants and not what the television producer decides.

These are just some of the changes that will come with 5g technology. Will have to wait and see its unveiling at the CES 2017.

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