[WATCH] Lenovo's Smart Assistant vs Amazon Echo, And Google Home; Specs, Features, Price, And Functionality, Which One Is The Complete Pack?

Jan 03, 2017 07:51 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

Smart Home Speakers are becoming a huge trend since Amazon released the first Alexa powered speakers in 2014. The increasing popularity opens up a huge competition in the market, and Tech giants don't want to miss out on such opportunities. Since products line up and open more varieties to choose from, which one is the complete pack?

Today, Lenovo announced their own version of Alexa powered speakers. Introducing the Lenovo's Smart Assistant. It is very evident that the Smart Assistant's design is inspired by lengthy cylindrical aesthetics and a dual-tone color combination of Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Smart Assistant goes with a different variety of colors compare to Amazon Echo.

Features, Specs, and Functionality. The Smart Assistant goes with a set of eight far-field microphones which is designed to pick up voice commands from 16 feet (5 meters) distance. Compared to Amazon Echo and Google Home which works only in 7 feet, therefore, Smart Assitant has a huge advantage. But, it has been reported that distance did not affect the Smart Home Speakers' voice inputs.

When it comes to sound quality, Smart Assistant takes a huge advantage against Amazon Echo. Lenovo offers a premium version for $50 which includes Harman Kardon's audio internals. The Smart Assitant offers an incredible 6TB smart storage solution, dual-band wireless access, and multi-device auto-sync capabilities.

Price. The Smart Assistant price starts at $129. For the Smart Storage Box, it will be $139, while for the Harman Kardon edition it will be $179. Compare to Amazon Echo, Lenovo's Smart Assistant is way cheaper. But, putting into consideration certain upgrades, Echo and Smart Assistant price seem alike. Google Home stays cheapest with $130 selling price.

As of the moment, the Lenovo's Smart Assistance full control and functionality is yet to be discovered. Therefore, certain features, specs, and functionality may not be compared to Echo and Google Home. Full details of Smart Assistant will be revealed at the CES 2017. Stay tuned for more news and update.

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