Tesla Model S Could Be in Trouble: Lucid Motors Partners with Mobileye

Jan 03, 2017 06:20 AM EST | BC Tabotabo

The Tesla Model S has been a revolutionary car for 2016. It resulted from a partnership between Tesla and Mobileye. Could Lucid Motors and Mobileye come up with an even better Lucid Air?

Lucid Air: Lucid Motors and Mobileye. Mobileye has recently announced that it will be forming a partnership with Lucid Motors. Mobileye aims to improve its mapping technology in order to help guide Lucid's self-driving vehicles on the road.

Lucid Motors is an electronic vehicle startup. They recently unveiled a new luxury sedan named the Lucid Air. The concept car will feature cutting edge auto technology and will cost $160,000. Given the price point, it will not be a direct competitor of Tesla Model S.

Mobileye aims to provide the German startup with camera technology to advance the company's autonomous driving technology. The company will offer its advanced driver assistance systems. This includes their primary computing program, their sensor fusion software, their Road Experience Management or REM, their reinforced learning algorithms for driving policy, and their eight camera surround view processing.

All of these features will help enable a logical and safe transition to self-driving capability for Lucid Motors. The technology Mobileye provides will hold an essential role in aiding autonomous driving in its cars. This is similar to what has happened in the past between Mobileye and Tesla.

Tesla Model S: Tesla and Mobileye. Tesla and Mobileye ended their relationship earlier in 2016. This was due to a high-profile death in May involving one of Tesla's cars. The owner was driving a Tesla Model S that crashed into an 18-wheel truck on a highway in Florida.

The Silicon Valley company blames Mobileye for the accident. The Israeli mapping service, in turn, reported that Tesla was to blame. Mobileye co-founder and Chairman Ammon Shashua has even stated that it was alarmed by how Tesla was disregarding safety in its Autopilot design.

Regardless of Mobileye's past, it is definitely moving forward with this partnership. The Lucid Air looks to be a very promising car. Despite its price point, it may even outshine the Tesla Model S altogether. It is expected to hit showrooms by 2018.

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