The Future Is Here! Honda NeuV Is Artificially Intelligent and Emotional

Jan 03, 2017 05:30 AM EST | JP Olvido

Honda's concept car, dubbed "NeuV", will apparently be able to react to a passenger's emotions. The goal is to form an even deeper bond between the owner and the car.

The Honda NeuV. The hype around Honda's concept car, NeuV, is all about it having emotions and being able to interact with passengers. Honda describes the Neuv as an automated EV commuter vehicle that revolutionized owner-car relationships.

The NeuV will be equipped with artificial intelligence that Honda is calling an "emotion engine" which it collaborated with Cocoro SB, a Japanese artificial intelligence technology company. It is expected to create new human interaction possibilities and bring to the table a sort of new value for customers.

The NeuV looks a lot like how a techno cube would. Its design draws inspiration from the Google Car. The NeuV's pod design is expected to change how commuter vehicles look and is based on the recent technological trend that most car manufacturers have ride on.

In a press statement from Honda, the NeuV is designed for "harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data to transform the mobility experience" and that its theme for its 2017 CES participation is Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem.

The idea of a car with artificial intelligence and emotions can either be exciting or unsettling. Having your very own "K.I.T.T." to show off to friends and to talk to while in a traffic jam or a long ride would be awesome. However, it's admittedly scary to drive around with "HAL 9000", too.

What the NeuV will bring to consumers will just have to be something we will have to wait for. Honda is scheduled to reveal more details about the NeuV at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, NV from January 5 to January 8. It has been assigned as Exhibit A for the electronics trade show and should start the convention with much enthusiasm.

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