60 Percent Of Americans Haven't Experience Driving Electric Cars? Survey Says

Jan 02, 2017 08:34 PM EST | Carl Anthony Teves


Some experts have conducted a survey to determine the percentage of all United States drivers that were familiar with electric vehicles. Experts found out that 60 percent of all drivers in the US is not familiar nor haven't experienced driving Electric vehicles.

According to some sources, when drivers were asked why they would not opt an EV, 85 percent answered or noted a lack of charging stations. They were afraid of the possibility that they will be stocked in a certain location due to the limited charging station.

The driver also concerns about how they can estimate power usage of the electric vehicle. Some drivers also believe that it needs to develop very well before releasing it to the market. But despite the negative results and feedbacks.

But electric vehicle future doesn't look so bad base on the negative side. According to them this machine perfectly fit in our future and it depends on how the driver will explore. And some drives says". It is about adapting new generation".

The electric vehicle is considered as the new generation for future personal transportation. But carmakers need to have enough number consumers that are willing to have an electric vehicle before they will make their own version.

The good advantage of the electric vehicle is obviously it is good for the environment. This will not give polluted air compared to the vehicles that drivers used to. This is the reason leads the consumer that mostly concern in the environment strives to convince the consumers that were not in favor of this machine.

According to some experts, after they have conducted several times to see if there were changes of the consumer's mind. Experts found out after comparing all the surveys that were conducted, the percentage of US drivers including consumers which is in favor of the electric vehicle was finally increasing.


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