Nintendo Switch Latest Titles, Predictions, News, And Updates: VR High-Profile Support From Capcom; Retro Games For Switch Success?

Jan 02, 2017 08:03 AM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

The Nintendo Switch anticipation heightens as 2017 is the year Switch will be fully introduced to the market. Nintendo Switch launch is March 2017, but a live stream event straight from Tokyo, Japan this upcoming January 12th. With only days remaining until the mysteries of Nintendo Switch unveils, a new report stating Switch will receive a High-Profile VR support from Capcom through Resident Evil 7 game title.

According to Nintendo Life, a youtube user named OBE1 revealed that Capcom is creating a VR implementation solely for Resident Evil 7 title for Switch. The reason behind this theory from OBE1 is that Resident Evil 7 VR imagery, motion controls, and low-pixel count affected the game's overall experience. Thus, a High-Profile VR support is necessary. As speculated, Resident Evil 7 will be PSVR exclusive to Playstation for a year. With that being said, the team has ample time to work on the idea on Switch.

Meanwhile, another key point stated in order to make Nintendo Switch as success is Retro Games. "[Nintendo Switch] console needs a strong launch library out of the gate if it wants to succeed," according to Slash Gear. They also added that having a deep and wide variety of games is a key point in Switch's success. To add, Nintendo needs to pay more importance with the Switch's Virtual Console for the GameCube.

"Nintendo has a distinct advantage over its competitors in that it has an absurd number of games that are considered timeless. Those timeless games can do a lot to round out the console's launch offerings and make it an attractive buy for gamers, but for that to happen, Nintendo needs to take the Virtual Console more seriously than it ever has before."

Furthermore, Dragon Quest XI might be coming to Nintendo Switch. According to latest speculations, Dragon Quest XI title is a great deal for Switch since it adds variety to its number of games and could possibly Switch the best lifeline.

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