Volvo To Install Skype To Its Cars; Group Conferencing Possible While On the Road [Video]

Jan 01, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Volvo, a Swedish multinational company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is planning to make Microsoft Skype for Business available in all its 90 series cars. This move will enable people to attend video conferences and go on with their job responsibilities even if they are on the road. With Skype for Business in their vehicle, car occupants do not have to fumble with their mobile devices while driving.

Volvo will be collaborating with Microsoft in bringing Microsoft Skype for Business to Volvo cars. Using a huge monitor with touch screen buttons will enable drivers to easily join conversations or send messages with their hands not leaving the steering wheel most of the time. While these things can be done using mobile devices, a huge screen in front that the driver can take a look at from time to time will be better in preventing distractions, according to Gadgets Now.

Microsoft Skype for Business will be available in the Volvo 90 series cars that will be released soon. It will be integrated in the infotainment system so that Volvo car users can join meetings and conferences done in Skype. This is also foreseen to fit with the coming of autonomous cars in which drivers can do something else while driving. This is seen to increase productivity while reducing time needed to be spent in the office, according to Digital Trends.

The Alliance between Volvo and Microsoft might also be the beginning of the use of Cortana in cars. Cortana is an application that acts like a virtual personal assistant and has been already used in home appliances. Volvo and Microsoft will work together to find best uses voice recognition and intelligent identification of context that will make it convenient for drivers who have office jobs or businesses, according to TC.

Having a car where even the driver can spend time for his office and other responsibilities through video conferencing will be brought by Volvo and Microsoft soon. With a virtual assistant that can talk sense like the Cortana, driving will be a pleasurable and profitable activity. And with the coming of driverless Volvo cars soon, everything will be in place for the coming of Microsoft Skype for Business.

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