Car Repair Tip: Types Of Liquids Leaking Under The Car And What They Mean

Dec 31, 2016 06:10 AM EST | Luna C


Owning a vehicle may seem to be luxurious to those who do not have one yet but in reality, a car owner has his share of problems. One sign every owner should pay attention to, if one wishes to avoid costly car fixes and maintenance, is the liquid that drips under the vehicle. Most of the time it's normal to have drips from the air-conditioning unit which would mislead most owners to say, "it's just water."

Also, car leaks can't be detected right away if the vehicle is parked at a different spot daily. If a car owner parks at the same spot everyday, however, there should be a drip pattern on where the car is parked, making it easy to diagnose. A car's leak is its own way of telling the owner that something is going on and if it's not addressed properly, it could blow up the repair bills.

Car Fluids That Go In and Out

Basic fluids go into every car and make them run smoothly, the said fluids should not leak out. Transmission fluids, brake fluids, oil, radiator coolants, and steering fluid are some of the most popular examples. Checking what color the fluid drips out of the car is one way of telling what it is.

How to Determine the Type of Liquid Dripping From the Car

A bright green or blue fluid dripping out from the car would mean that the radiator coolant is leaking, the color can also be brownish if the coolant is not changed every 3,500 miles. This would make it harder to identify.

Pink, green, yellow, or orange could mean that the windshield wiper fluid is leaking. Usually this happens if the wiper fluid tank is filled too much. If this continues, then there might be a leak along the lines or the tank itself.

Red fluid usually means that the power steering fluid is leaking. This is a driving hazard since it greatly impacts how the car steers. If one sees a red fluid leaking from the car, it is best to leave this to the professionals by calling for help. Prolonging the symptom of red fluid leaking out may have the car inoperable.

A clear oily substance, sometimes brown or yellow - depends on age, is a sign of brake fluid leak. The drips would usually be found on where the wheels would sit. The usual cause for brake fluid leaks is the master cylinder so it is best if the car is taken to the shop for thorough checking.

Amber colored liquid dripping out of a car can be fresh oil, on the other hand, brown or black can tell that it has been quite used. This is the most common leak from a car and would lead to a wide range of car repair issues. Having it checked right away can reduce the problem.

To sum things up, it is important to note that if something is leaking out of the car's chassis, it is best to observe it if it's constantly dripping. If so, a trip to the mechanic could save a lot of repair bills later on, not to mention saving lives by keeping the car safe to use.

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