Apple, Google Now Venturing Into Car Technology, Making Them 'Connected'

Dec 31, 2016 06:00 AM EST | Luna C


Tech Giants Apple and Google are now looking into pursuing the car market by introducing their technology to automobiles, says CTV technology analyst Carmi Levy. The change will be noticeable by 2017 as it progresses. Levy also adds that the two giant companies may have felt that the smartphone market isn't going anywhere and that other markets need to be discovered soon in order to flourish.

Levy says that more technology can be crammed into a car if manufacturers decide to make them autonomous (self-driving, per se). This would in turn give car makers more opportunities for greater revenue if done properly, as reported at CTV News.

The post also says that The Future Today has expressed that today's times are in current transition from human controlled cars to driverless cars. They backed it up with facts that cars today can park, change lanes and can even be summoned by their owners.

Google is also making progress with Deep Mind, one of today's artificial intelligence research and development. The idea from this project might be used for automotive technology. Apple also has an array of technology that can be helpful for car technology enhancements.

Transition from Internal Combustion to Alternative Fuel

Levy also discussed about the alternative means to get cars running as he states that transitioning from internal combustion engines to alternative fuel cars will be a lot faster this time. He notes the Chevrolet Bolt as one of the examples to look at. The car model is said to be the first electric car massproduced to travel over 300 kilometers in just one full charge.

The Bolt is also comparable to Tesla's Model 3, an affordable variant of Tesla's line of electric cars. Levy also emphasized that Tesla had the market for themselves for years but they only catered the upper class. This can rapidly change as Chevrolet is offering their electric car at a rate which the average consumer can afford.

If consumers would "begin to bite", the electric car market would become more interesting. This would imply that Tesla and other big companies would make electric cars more affordable provided there are enough consumers.

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