Alfa Romeo Giulia Vs. Jaguar XE Vs. BMW 3 Series: Why Jaguar XE Bested Them All [Video]

Dec 30, 2016 06:40 PM EST | Leonora Puno

The Alfa Romeo Giulia arrived with much noise because of its stunning look after it disappeared from the car scene for almost five years. Prior to that, it was considered the best car from its segment but when it changed to a front wheel drive, it lost its fans. In an attempt to be recognized as the leader once again, it released the Alfa Romeo Giulia supposedly built to challenge the BMW 3 Series and the Jaguar XE.

To discover which is the best among these three, they were compared head-to-head. In terms of power source, the three cars have almost similar engines, horsepower, torque and speed. The difference might be on driving experience, other than their features and price. In terms of power source, all of them have similar engines that produce similar horsepower and speed. However, a winner had to be chosen and after testing the three cars, the Jaguar XE was chosen to be the top car because of its sleek look, its comfortable interior, and is an engaging car to drive, according to Auto Express.

Next in rank was the BMW 3 Series. This car was considered a great car in its own right but it lost to Jaguar XE since it has higher emission and is more expensive than the Jaguar XE. However, when it came to driving dynamics, the BMW 3 Series could have won without any question, according to BMW Blog.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia turned out to be the last despite the praises it received since it was released. Despite he fact that this car looks stunning, its infotainment system put it into the third place plus the fact that there were no options with regards to the transmission. However, Alpha Romeo Giulia holds a lot of promise. By improving its infotainment system, it might move up the ladder next year, according to Car and Driver.

For the BMW 3 Series and the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a few tweaks and changes might result to a car that can beat the Jaguar XE.

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