Tesla Model X Has Acceleration Issues? Company Denies Allegations By Consumer

Jan 05, 2017 07:40 AM EST | Leian N.


A Southern California owner and well-renowned Korean singer and actor filed a suit against Tesla Motors for defective acceleration issues of his Tesla Model X vehicle that rammed his house. However, the company has denied the allegations.

Last month, Korean actor and singer Ji Chang Son filed a class-action lawsuit against Tesla Motors for an accident that caused his Tesla Model X vehicle to plunged into his house. In fact, the owner had sought damages valued at $5 million.

As reported by Auto Blog, Tesla Motors denied the allegations and used the car's onboard data to manifest the user was the one at fault. Turned out, the accelerator pedal was floored at the time of the accident to which the company claimed he had mistaken it as the brake. Furthermore, the company claimed Mr. Son used his fame in Korea to shed a bad light unto the company due to the Tesla Model X accident.

The company likewise suggested that the evidence showed the car was not defective as it was a mere user error. It also raised their policy that the evidence is strong in their favor and that they would not give in to ultimatums. 

In other news, RT reported that Son attested his vehicle began to accelerate at full power, jerked forward, and crashed into his garage that destroyed his home's steel sewer pipe, wooden support beams, and his own room. Son also took to Facebook and uploaded the crash site along with claiming that Tesla Model X is defective. 

The lawsuit also alleged that Tesla Motors had been aware of the sudden unintended acceleration of the Tesla Model X vehicles but had not yet proved the root cause of the defect. It was also suggested that it was important for the company to design and implement an adequate fail-safe system to remedy the complained defect. Which side tells the truth? Are the models truly defective?

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