Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan Under Federal Investigation For Brake Problems

Dec 29, 2016 07:24 AM EST | Luna C

On Dec. 27, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it has opened an investigation on some units of Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion in terms of stopping distance. This is in due to the 141 complaints received about the distance requirements when stopping the car.

The said complaint can be viewed here, concerning Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan models. Reports say that the said cars' ABS (Antilock Braking System) control unit for hydraulics is the suspected root cause of the problem. Drivers who filed the complaints claim that the brakes would go "soft" when applied on rough surface or roads with irregularities. Since the brakes went "soft" on certain road conditions, drivers need to step harder to activate.

The said Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan's ABS-assisted braking issues worsened when some drivers claimed that the vehicles take too long to be in complete stop at intersections. This is a big issue on highways with traffic lights, even worse, this is in fact a potential accident waiting to happen. Case in point, three reported crashes have been linked to Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion braking problems.

Which car year models were affected by the ABS-assisted braking problems?

The cars in concern are Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan that came out from years 2007 to 2009. An estimated 475,000 Ford vehicles are affected.

The investigation began on Dec. 20 and is currently ongoing. The NHTSA added that they are conducting a preliminary evaluation so that scope, frequency, and safety consequences of the alleged defects are undergoing assessment, reported UPI.

If one owns such car model, it is advised to have the brakes tested for safety reasons. This preventive measure could save drivers and loved ones from brake-related car crashes. Focus on brake tests should be the distance required from a certain speed to full stop. If the distance required is much longer than what is written on the car's manual then it is advised to bring the problem up to proper channels.

Concern with Ford Fusion Driverless Cars 

This issue may also concern driverless cars since they are mostly composed of Ford Fusion units. Having a car on auto-drive with no one on the wheel is a big concern if the unit itself has brake problems. No official reports have surfaced about driverless Ford Fusion units having brake troubles, however.

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