MacBook Pro News: First Apple MacBook In History That Didn't Get A Thumbs Up From Consumer Reports

Dec 26, 2016 07:00 AM EST | Luna C

The latest MacBook Pro failed to achieve popularity and didn't get a 'buy recommendation' by Consumer Reports, which was the first ever MacBook to be denied of approval. The said review site cited a lot of inconsistencies with regards to battery performance. This was a key issue behind their decision to shun the device from an approval rating.

Consumer Reports found out that the latest MacBook Pro's battery life would vary from 4 hours or less to as high as 19 hours. Apple claims it to be 10 hours of battery life, but having it on a very wide range does not guarantee performance.

Jerry Beilinson, a Consumer Reports reviewer, added that they found out "widely disparate figures" from the MacBook Pro's tests. Anchoring it to an average would not reflect at all to what the consumer would likely experience in real-life scenarios.

Several lab tests from three different MacBook Pro Models were tested. The models are 15-inch with Touchbar and a couple of 13-inch models with and without Touchbars, respectively. Each model produced different outputs when it came to battery performance, making them inconsistent. Consumer Reports also added that although other laptop tests have varied battery life results during their tests, it's only up to 5 percent in variance.

This substandard battery performance does not only signify an anomaly for the MacBook Pro's performance, it also says something about not complying with Apple's standards. The post at Consumer Reports expressed that this is quite a dip in Apple's MacBook series' performance. The previous models have performed well in the battery tests, practically outlasting what the company claimed.

As of this writing, no word has officially been sent out by Apple with regard to Customer Report's findings on their latest MacBook Pro review. Having battery performance issues for laptops is a serious matterm as it is a mobile device that relies heavily on the said feature.

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