Lexus Will Likely Produce More LCs, Hardcore And High Performance Variant To Come?

Dec 23, 2016 08:06 AM EST | Joanne Zamora

A convertible version of the Lexus LC500 will likely be added to the lineup in order to help the brand fight against its main rivals, like the BMW 6 Series and Jaguar F-Type. All of them offer top-down versions.

Brian Smith, vice president for marketing of Lexus, told Automotive News at the press launch for the LC that the LFA was "way too limited in volume, too expensive." He also asked when the last time was that an LFA could be seen driving down the road.

Lexus hopes that the Lexus LC will be the accessible halo car that the LFA never was. The pricing for the new coupe is estimated to be between $80,000 and $120,000, keeping costs in check for both the automaker and consumers.

According to Autoguide, the LC's chief engineer has also confirmed that all-wheel drive will work for the LC, but whether or not it will be offered is still a question. A hardcore LC-F version will also be a likely addition to the lineup, although it may not show up for at least a few years.

A high-performance LC-F model is also likely, but it would take some time. The V-8 LC 500 shall be the base model, and the LC 500h hybrid shall be the top trim level, with Lexus positing it as the more customizable grand touring version of the two. Nevertheless, Lexus is expecting 85 to 90 percent of U.S. customers to opt for the Lexus LC 500 while the hybrid will see much better buying rates abroad.

Additional variants of the Lexus LC are likely. A convertible version will be the first to arrive in the market, handing dealers their long-sought Lexus drop-top and the competition to all of the LC's competitors, all of which offer a convertible model. Lexus is cautiously optimistic about LC sales.

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