Ford Focus RS Vs Honda Civic Type R Vs BMW M140i Tested; Who Will Win the Battle? [VIDEO]

Dec 18, 2016 07:33 AM EST | Leonora Puno

The Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R, and BMW M140i battling it out was a match worth watching as the three cars were pitted against each other for a test that would determine which could perform best. The battle was set on a wet tarmac in order to see which of these modern cars could withstand bad road conditions. The Civic Type R has the lowest horsepower at 306 hp with the Focus RS having 345 hp. The BMW M140i ended up between the two with 335 hp.

The Ford Focus RS vs Honda Civic Type R vs BMW M140i was a battle among hot hatch cars, a segment that has steadily grown in the past year. All cars in this segment run on 300 or more horsepower, and taking a look at each car, the Ford Focus R had the highest horsepower, according to Car Scoops.

In terms of acceleration, all three cars can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 6 seconds, which means that in this area, they had almost the same performance. In terms of speed, all three reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds with a top speed of 170mph except for the BMW M140i, which capped only at 155 mph. Traversing on the wet tarmac can be a challenge in this area, according to Ooyuz.

The biggest test is how Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R, and BMW M140i would handle themselves on the wet tarmac. It is clear that the Ford Focus R had the best traction, looking like its wheels were hugging the pavement tightly, according to Auto Evolution. In this showdown, the Ford Focus R won hands down.

With the Ford Focus R emerging victorious, there is no doubt that it will be pitted against other hot hatch cars in the future to test its supremacy.

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