Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch Named After Toyota Racing Team; Will the Yaris Gazoo Capture the Hearts of Car Enthusiasts? [VIDEO]

Dec 15, 2016 08:46 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch will soon be added to a long list of high-performing cars made by the Japanese automakers and will have its first public appearance at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. Patterned after the company's car racer, the Toyota Haris Hot Hatch will be a a high performance road car, made for those who prefer to experience driving a vehicle that resembles a racecar.

While its predecessor, the Echo, was not very impressive, the coming Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch might not be easy to forget. With an engine producing 200 horse power and six-speed manual transmission, the Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch also sports a spoiler mounted on the hatch and low skirts. It will be sold in Europe in March next year, but the company did not mention plans to bring it to the US market, according to Auto Guide. It will also be named after the company's racing team, the Yaris Gazoo.

The Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch marks the reentry of the company's racing team to the World Racing Championship (WRC) after a 17-year hiatus. While companies that join the race are not required to build a road car that relates to the competition, some manufacturers find it necessary to come up with a product that can be linked with motor sports, according to Auto Express.

With regards to specs, there were rumors that despite the Japanese company being the biggest maker of hybrid cars, the Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch may not follow suit considering that using batteries will add to its weight, hampering high performance on the road. Instead, customers can expect a light weight Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch, according to Car Magazine.

Indeed, releasing the Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch in time for the company's campaign in the WRC might be an effective marketing strategy, resulting in increased sales.

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