Google Driverless Car Shifted To Waymo; Will Waymo Become The Leader In The Race To Produce Driverless Cars? [VIDEO]

Dec 15, 2016 07:22 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Google driverless car development was given to an independent company named Waymo, which was also under the Alphabet, the mother company of Google. Now, with a company to focus on making autonomous cars, it is expected that Google driverless cars will be commercially produced in the very near future. If this happens, Waymo, still very young in the automaking industry, will compete with giant companies Tesla, Ford and BMW, to name a few.

It can be recalled that Google driverless cars were tested in the public roads of Austin and were found to be able to find their own way and keep safe with a steering wheel and pedals. These two important components of an automobile were not needed in Google driverless cars because they move on their own while the driver just remains seated inside, according to TC.

In fact, Google driverless cars were tested in 2015 by Steve Mahan, a totally blind man, who rode the car alone. He said that the car was able to arrive to their destination without any untoward incidents happening despite the fact that there was no steering wheel and pedal, according to Auto Guide. Results showed that Google driverless cars are safe and intelligent; it seems to know the public roads of Austin very well and avoided colliding with other cars.

The leader of the production of the autonomous car for commercial purposes will be John Krafcik, former automotive executive of Ford and Hyundai Motor and now chief executive of Waymo. Riding Google driverless cars is like riding a vehicle with a highly-skilled driver, according to The Verge. With his experience, there is a big chance that Waymo will be a challenger in the production of autonomous cars.

It is anticipated that the Google driverless car will be have a heavy presence in 2021, when the roads might be full of intelligent cars taking their passengers to their destination without anyone actually driving them.

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