Ken Block Gymkhana 7 Never Before Seen Extended Cut Of Hoonicorn Mustang Drifting In London [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 06:27 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Relive the magic of Ken Block Gymkhana 7 and watch this extended cut filled with never before seen actions of the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, Block and Matt LeBlanc of Top Gear drifting around London. Watch Now.

Ken Block Gymkhana 7 is one of the most popular Gymkhana that was made by daredevil and stunt racer Block. It would be remembered that this Gymkhana is supported by Top Gear where in Block, gave new host Matt LeBlanc a tour of London. But not the type of tour LeBlanc had in mind.

Today, the extended video of the Ken Block Gymkhana 7, with never before seen scenes, has been made public as part of the season 23 of Top Gear UK. The video starts with the image of a military helicopter loaded with a container carefully perching on the London Docks, as reported by GrindTV.

In the sequence that lasts more than 10 minutes, Ken Block runs through London-famous landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and around Westminster Abbey without a single car in his way. All this had been possible for Ken Block Gymkhana 7 with the cooperation of the police who escorted them to Buckhingam Palace, according to RoadAndTrack.

Ken Block Gymkhana 7 is also the first time that the popular Ford Mustang Hoonigan of Block appeared. Built by RTR, the 845 horsepower Hoonicorn drifts to London awesomely. We can't wait to see it when Gymkhana 10 arrives as this new Hoonicorn horsepower has been increased to a whooping 1,400hp and is featured through a teaser trailer Climbkhana drifting to the legendary Pines Peak.

It is clear that the new Top Gear will spare no efforts to overcome previous seasons and try to make things difficult for Jeremy Clarkson The Grand Tour. With videos like Ken Block Gymkhana 7, they might succeed this time. Check out the action packed extended version of Ken Block Gymkhana 7 below.

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